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During Mark A. Sterling’s 14 years in direct sales, he has emerged into a leadership catalyst. His expertise equips established and upcoming leaders with tools, tips and techniques to realize their full potential. His mission is simple - to revolutionize the way people liberate their limitations. This audio reveals his little known secrets on how to transform your capacity.

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“You must be able to see your goals behind your eyes, so that you can see them in front of your eyes!”

Mark Sterling

Mark A. Sterling is a leadership catalyst, whose expertise equips emerging leaders with tips, tools and techniques to realize their full potential. Prior to entering the direct sales industry, Mark was the owner and CEO of an IT consulting firm that provided services for Fortune 500, Government and International clients. During Mark’s twelve years of direct sales experience, he has been mentored by the industry’s top leaders. In previous projects, Mark has assisted multiple team members in his network to achieve six-figure incomes. He has grown organizations that have spanned dozens of countries and trained on multiple continents. He is a principled leader who abides by the hierarchy of faith, family and then finances. His immediate goal is to assist 20 families in creating six figure residual incomes. He strongly believes that through FAITH, hard work and persistence, ALL things are possible.

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Secrets to Transforming Your Capacity

Having developed a personal organization of over 50,000 distributors that spans multiple countries in just 18 short months - many of which have become Six Figure annual income earners, you can understand why Mark A. Sterling has been called a Transformation Expert.

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"Secrets to Transforming Your Capacity".

It's time to defy your current capacity and go from limitation to liberation - YOUR divine calling awaits.

As a 2004 Olympian, 4-Time National Judo Champion, Hall of Famer from Howard University, and former undefeated MMA fighter, I KNOW how to win and what winning requires, implies and demands. And guess what? So does Mark Sterling! In this CD set Mark gives away the secrets to success, not only for business, but for life. And, quite honestly, I don't know why he's literally giving the same information away that I've paid thousands of dollars to learn at seminars.

I encouraged him to raise the price just out of being pissed that many are getting what i paid big money to acquire for just pennies on the dollar!! Well, congrats Mark on a fantastic product and I'm still upset with you giving away the farm smile emoticon.


Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

2004 Olympian
Master Marketer
Martial Arts Guru

If you're ready to make a change in your life, then Secrets to Transforming Your Capacity is for YOU! For over a decade I've watched Mark Sterling move mountains, and make the impossible become possible. He's made the climb to the top in both his personal and professional life, and displayed the highest level of integrity with every step. There's not a doubt in my mind---if you'll listen, learn, and apply yourself, Mark can teach you how to accomplish anything you desire."


Duane Cummings

CEO/Founder The Sensational Group

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